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Non profit status is active 01/13/2017 EIN# 81-4975010

501(c)(3) Charity

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The Foundation will be managed to grow its donations, investment monies, and gifts within the three Foundations funds to effectively sustain all pertinent foundations activities. The foundation's management expenses will be kept within reasonable boundaries so that the preponderance of funding will impact the fund's goals within the above-designated categories. The foundation will implement and sustain the following activities:


Manage all of the assets of the foundation through a properly instituted board to be selected by the two directors—Shein and Reker.


Raise funds using recognized standard practices in advertising, public relations and business.


Solicit contributions, gifts and investments over web sites that represent its various entertainment/educational enterprises.


Work with interested educational institutions to develop onsite presentations and educational programs at the locales where the foundation has a presence.


Establish support connections to other environmental and wildlife sanctuary entities and other distribution and corporate entities who share common goals and aspirations.


Support worthy environmental movements and initiatives and the agents who implement these programs and laws.


Erik Shein and Martin Reker will be lifetime foundation directors, who will be responsible for selection or removal of trustees, salaried managers in various enterprises or institutions, and employees. They will appoint their own successors and be fully responsible for the management and fiscal decisions of the foundation. Without abrogating its charitable nature, Shein and Reker reserve the right to alter any positions or operating conditions within the foundation.